Upcoming Workshops

Throughout the year, I offer a variety of group workshops to help you improve your online presence, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love!

Along with the 30-day workshops that are listed here, watch for my FREE mini sessions.

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2021 Sassy Girl Entrepreneur Workshop Series


Making Your Dreams A Reality: 30 Day Success Coaching ProgramMaking Your Dreams A Reality Success Coaching

If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect life, this workshop is for you. You’ll discover how setting personal goals can help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted – and deserve.

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Connecting With Your Customer: The Psychology Behind MarketingConnecting With Your Customer The Psychology Behind Marketing

Understand how we are wired to think and purchase. In this 30 day workshop, you will learn the strategies to influence consumers.

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Organizing Your Business: The 10 Key Steps Every Business Needs to Have In PlaceOrganizing Your Business

Social media, a website, building your email database, understanding who your audience even is! So many times, I see entrepreneurs spinning their wheels, overwhelmed on what to do first! This workshop will teach you the 10 steps you need to have in place to successfully launch your business!

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Email Marketing Strategies: Turn Subscribers Into CustomersEmail Marketing Strategies

The only two pieces of real estate you own in your business are your website and your email list. Building your email list should be more important than your social media. The ROI of email marketing blow social media away! In this 30 day workshop, you’ll learn how to grow your email database and how to create campaigns that subscribers into customers.

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IGNITE Your Digital Marketing BootcampIGNITE Your Digital Marketing

Learn everything about your digital marketing to turn up the heat with your online presence. In this 30 day Bootcamp, you will learn how to optimize your social media, website, email campaign, and have an understanding of how to create compelling Facebook Ads.

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