Why should you be concerned about the security of your website?Alarm clock near notebook and laptop Free Photo

According to Wordfence, over 12,807 SITES ARE HACKED EACH MINUTE!!

No matter how big, small, busy, quiet your business is, you can still fall prey to these attacks.

Your website could be down for days resulting in loss of income and your most valuable online asset. It could also mean that they add malicious links to take your visitors to another website so they can generate income. They could also add a virus that would impact your visitors.

Are you protecting your business and the safety of your visitors?

This is a monthly investment with a minimum of 6 months.


These pesky hackers are on the prowl right now. But you are too busy taking care of your business serving your community and clients. Not learning how to be a security expert.

Maybe you’ve tried to do it yourself but you then you realize you aren’t sure how to really protect your website. Let alone how to decipher the email notifications that say things like “malware, brute force attack, security breach, etc.”

Maintenance & Support includes

  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily security scans
  • Uptime monitoring to make sure your website is online
  • Ongoing updates to WordPress, your theme, and your plugins
  • Daily backups scheduled, monitored and stored off server
  • Database optimization includes cleanup of spam comments and posts revisions to remove needless data
  • Monthly report

$35.00/month or $350.00/year (Get 2 months FREE when you pay annually.)

Maintenance & Support Plus

  • Maintenance & Support Plan
  • Updates to pages as needed

$100/month or save $200 and sign up for the yearly maintenance plan for $1,000.

By purchasing Maintenance + Support Package or Maintenance + Support Plus Package you agree to the following terms of service. This service includes daily security scans, uptime monitoring, ongoing updates to WordPress, your theme and plugins, database optimization, monthly reports, and daily backups stored offsite.

A discounted rate will be offered for subscribers of this service who need support services such as website updates, modifications, and revisions.