You know it, you love it,

and it just got even better.

Like Instagram, Facebook is a social media platform that is updating constantly, improving existing features and adding new ways to help boost your business. The latest updates from August include

1. access to photo-editing within Facebook’s “Ad Manager” (Very cool.)
2. a sharper look to Facebook-on-the-go (Perhaps you’ve noticed the new look on the app already?)
3. a mass removal of apps in attempts to highlight credible and official pages
4. polished Workplace features that take group work to a whole other level
5. Facebook’s scheduling tools (Not necessarily an August update, but maybe a feature we should revisit.)
6. video advertising. (Again, not new. Just better.)

Now, what I could do is go through each update, explaining why each is important and how they can be used. But, I could also go through four key points that review how these updates are for your business’ advantage. And because this is the most effective way to get you excited about the changes made to Facebook, in this blog post, I am going to do just that!


We mentioned updates like app removals to keep solid pages, like yours, accessible. This was done all in the name of transparency! You can even think of it as credibility. No one likes five of the same business pages with only one of those pages active. It appears as fraud, but you want to be transparent. This, along with every other new Facebook update, will help keep that transparency alive.

Meaningful Interactions

Take the new Workplace feature for example. Of course, Facebook is great for keeping in touch with your clients, but Workplace also makes it possible for you to keep in touch with your team as well. Bouncing off new ideas, creative juices coming alive, bringing individual talents to the table, working to improve your business all as a team is all possible with Facebook. Your interaction with your team should be just as meaningful as your interactions with your clients, and it looks like Facebook recognizes this!


Ever wanted to be in two places at once? Sort of like posting on Facebook even with your phone and laptop across the room? You may have already known this before, but you can with Facebook Scheduling Tools (Hootsuite being the most popular). Scheduling your posts on Facebook is a good idea, as it keeps your page active and consistent, even if you are absent! No, this isn’t a totally new, never-been-done-before update, but definitely something you should consider revisiting and taking advantage of.


Facebook offers you the opportunity to “boost” your post whenever you publish something. It’s a way to take your post beyond your following on Facebook. However, you should take a look at Facebook’s new way of advertising with videos, in addition to their improvements made to the “Ad Manager.” Their new way of tracking ads through videos is quite impressive. It allows you to see how effective your video ads are. Whether or not people skip the ads, watch it thoroughly or are “forced” to watch it, Facebook tracks it all with their new update. In addition, the Ad Manager gives you more creative ways to design ads with pictures. Their editing tools are simple, easy to use, and give you the look you want to go for.

All in all, Facebook’s new updates allow you to be both professional and personal all in one, two qualities that draw new clients to your business. And, while this post only covered the updates in August, you never know what Facebook has in store for September.