I’ve been wanting to get my butt in gear and write this post for such a long time. I wanted to be able to document the lifestyle that I’m living and share the bumps along the way when you’re living an entrepreneur life.

Today I’m sitting on the balcony of a condo that I’m renting for a week in Garden City, South Carolina, enjoying the sun and watching the waves crash on the beach. The ocean is my peace. It’s where I would love to write the next chapter of my life.  As I’m sitting here, I can’t help but feel grateful and optimistic of what the future holds.

When I look back at the path I was on, there were so many times that things just didn’t make sense. I always knew that I would run my own business one day, I just didn’t know exactly what it looked like.  I’ve tried so many different things that I swear each year or two I would be on a completely different venture. There came a point when I would run into people and they would ask “What are you doing now?” That “now” was always emphasized and truth be told….I hated that question but I couldn’t fault them for it.  I couldn’t blame them for not taking my next great thing as seriously as I did. It was a defeating feeling that I had to mentally battle through, knowing and trusting in God that one day, everything would make sense to me.

Today, I sit and watch the waves crash and I think about that journey and I finally see how each piece was needed to get me where I am. The struggle to learn and test different strategies personally, to work with mentors and coaches that helped guide me, to understand things that experience can only uncover to you and none of the workshops or webinars told me about it and the ability to teach many women how to learn from what those experiences.

Today, it all makes sense and I am so grateful for each of those moments that led me to this place. So now I have this amazing business that affords me the ability to travel and enjoy life the way I want to. The way life is meant to be enjoyed!

There are new challenges on the near horizon as I plan to where I will reside after my youngest son graduates. That’s only one short year away and time seems to pass so much more quickly now.

The road has not been easy at all…there have been great successes and many obstacles along the way. There were days of feeling overjoyed and dancing in my office and other days when it was best to stay clear of me. This is the reason I started The Startup Circle. I want to be able to share what I’ve learned so that others can create the life they want. To be who we want to be, when we want to be and go where we want to go! Life is about living and being free from conventional ways of thinking and doing. I want to taste what life has to offer and help others do the same thing.

This is my story and I can’t want to share with you.