Whether you prefer a planner or an app, both will help you stay organized.

Being a start up means doing a whole lot of everything! Our ‘to do’ lists can spin quickly out of control. Heck, just deciding if we are going to use a paper planner, an app on our phone or both is sometimes a struggle. Well,  it’s time to take control of your workload and our tasks and start optimizing your time.

When deciding how to manage all of your tasks and projects, there really isn’t a solution that works for everyone. I am a fan of Asana. Asana is an app that makes managing your to do list a breeze. You can create projects, tasks and add team members as well. If you are someone who prefers writing your tasks down, there are a lot of really great planners out there that utilize a calendar as well as a to do list.

Now, to get started!

  1. Create one list for Work and one for Personal
  2. Understand the difference between a Project and a Task.  A Project is something that may include a number of tasks. For example, something like “Get Reviews/Recommendations” may seem like a task, however it could easily be a Project. The tasks that would be listed within it may include how and where you would get those reviews.  A lot of times people will create a task that is really a project and feel defeated if it wasn’t completed when expected.
  3. Begin listing your Projects and Tasks
  4. Select 3-4 Tasks that you will complete each day.  Sometimes that stressful feeling that creeps up on us, begins when we create our to do list but we don’t get through as much, or everything, on the list we planned to that day. Well, sometimes those lists are just really long and it’s not realistic to get through EVERYTHING! Quit creating stressors in your life and start finding ways to reduce them! Find a few tasks that are important and need to get done and list those as the ones that must be completed each day. If you get through those and move to the next group, you’re ahead of the game!
  5. Select tasks by priority  Determining what is and isn’t a priority is something only you can answer. Years ago I had a sales manager who taught me that I should start my to do list with this one question, “What is going to bring you money right now?” Start with that one, and then the next one and so forth. That suggestion stuck with me and I have followed it ever since. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are things that are important to me that don’t generate any money at all. That doesn’t mean that they go to the bottom of the list. Not at all! It’s just a rule of thumb and I still determine where on the list each item falls and so will you.

There’s an empowering feeling that comes with being organized. Whether that means organizing your office, your files, your tasks or cleaning up your emails. Each little piece that you complete is a step closer to a less stressful life, more motivation and much larger sense of accomplishment which all equal a whole lot of happiness!