Becoming a Startup Entrepreneur for the Comfort Of Your Own HomeFreelancing used to be viewed poorly because it was seen as an unstable profession, but the modern age has changed all of that. Thanks to the birth of the internet and startups created by entrepreneurs who often had very little business experience before creating a successful enterprise, it’s now becoming easier and more lucrative than ever for businesses to start in home offices or from the comfort of your bedroom. All it takes is initiative and determination, much like any business owner.

It can be tough to know where to begin, of course. There are so many variables to consider even if you are already floating around potential ideas for your business model. Still, it is something of which anybody with the right mindset is capable. All it requires is perseverance and a willingness to learn from mistakes; mistakes will help your business to grow in the right direction when you learn from them. Nonetheless, there are big mistakes that no budding entrepreneur should make with their brand new startup. Here are some ways in which you can avoid that happening.

Plan and research.
It all starts with the idea, of course. Maybe you’re creative, and you want to start a freelance business in which you write promotional copy for clients. Maybe you’re a people person, and you want to grow a personal brand through social media (big personalities sell in the age of YouTube millionaires). There are so many different models to suit so many different people; you likely already know what kind of self-started business you’re looking to create. The key is to just go into the process with open eyes.

You need to do your research, essentially. Look at other successful businesses in your industry, and see how they conduct themselves. You might even want to further your education to improve your understanding of the complex business world. Tackling the freelance landscape isn’t easy for anyone who’s doing so alone, but with a little knowledge under your belt, you might find things far easier. 

Master online marketing.
Marketing your business is the main thing you need to master. You’re a solo operation, so there isn’t much to think about in terms of running an office or a workforce. You know how to do the work if you’ve chosen a business model which suits your talents. All you really need to master now is how to sell it to your target audience. The best way to do so is to use the tool which helps you with this entire freelance venture: the internet.

You should be optimizing the landing page of your business website to rank highly on search engines. You want to be targeting people in your local area or consumers across the world with your brand (depending on the scale of the product or service you’re offering). Responsive layout, clear content, and enticing advertising copy are all the keys to achieving this.