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Here are the services that I offer!

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Not sure where to begin?

Let’s start with your biggest struggle.

There are so many moving parts in your business, it can be a challenge to know where to even begin!  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve broken down the most common areas where my clients are feeling overwhelmed and through the years, created and tested a proven strategy for each area.

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Oh…if you feel like you need something that takes one piece from this and another piece from that, no worries! Together we can create a customized program to fit your specific needs.

You’re ready to get this dream moving forward….but wait! 
Where in the heck do you even start?

What you will gain:

  • Gain Clarity on your business or idea
  • Find your ideal niche
  • Create solid research and plan
  • Eliminate the frustration of spinning your wheels and know which step to take next
  • Save time and money on efforts that are getting you nowhere
  • Learn from success by implementing PROVEN strategies for business expansion
  • Know exactly how to sell your product or service
  • Develop a strategy to monetize your mission
  • Set actionable short and long term goals in order to follow through
  • Learn strategies to stay motivated and hold yourself accountable
  • Create a life you love!

Break down barriers, gain clarity & confidence, build the strategy and master your mindset when you participate in this 3 month Success Coaching one-on-one program.

This coaching experience is my most intense, life and business-changing offering. Only those who are deeply committed to breaking down barriers, creating change, and achieving greatness are accepted as clients.

Be the brand that always knows what to say – and when to say it.

We work together to find your true brand voice, one that resonates with your target audience.

Let’s drive engagement by talking with your audience, not at them. Deanna joins your team as your social media consultant, guiding you how to refine your online presence and create relevant conversations

There’s more to having a website than just building it and having it sit out on there.

As your website consultant, Deanna will work with you or your team to show you how to have your worksite work for you. Implement strategies to improve your SEO (search engine optimization), readability, and a website that converts.

Email and email automation is one of the most important pieces of your digital marketing, and often, one of the most overlooked.

Email marketing outranks social media, PPC, and SEO.  Create powerful email automation campaigns that nurture relationships and increase sales.

This is an opportunity to get organized, create a strategy, get inspired, get regular accountability, training and feedback along the way so that you can get your business online and visible so you can make more money.

What you will learn:

  • Finding your target audience
  • How to optimize your social media profiles
  • Making sense of the data and using it to improve your online presence
  • Your website and what’s important to reach your target audience
  • SEO
  • The power of email and how to use it effectively
  • How to create compelling Facebook Ads
Let’s Work Together

“If you think that your organization could benefit from an improved social media presence, contact Deanna!

With a base of knowledge that makes her an expert in established sites like Facebook and Instagram and building upon it with burgeoning platforms and new practices, she is not afraid to adapt to the ever-altering landscape of social media and networking.

Anyone can make posts promoting their organization, but through Deanna, you can learn not only what types of posts best serve your needs, but why they do, and how to strategize with these tools you didn’t even know you had. She comes with the highest recommendation!”

Brad Y. Marketing Director, Buffalo Wild Wings
Women Entrepreneurship

Types of Coaching

There are two types of Coaching:

One on One.  These sessions are individual between the two of us. We meet via Zoom on a regular basis.

Group Coaching.  These sessions are with a group of individuals who are all interested in learning the same strategies. Sometimes the group coaching sessions are organized through me, while other times, the groups are formed among themselves and have me come in to work with them as a whole.

Group training sessions are open to any groups or organizations of 5 or more who would like to be part of a training session. Training can be selected from one of the most popular topics or can be custom designed to fit the needs of your organization.

Popular Topics

  • Goal Planning Success: Take control of your life and business to make your dreams come true
  • Boost Your Sales: Why people don’t buy from you and the two reasons they will buy anything
  • Growing Your Email List: When this grows, everything grows
  • Women Entrepreneurship: Pushing boundaries and breaking the rules
  • Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing: A snapshot of the how, why, and where of online marketing
  • Utilizing Social Media + Facebook Ads to experience exponential growth
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Private Coaching

There are 5 MAJOR ways to get Private One-On-One Coaching with me and that is with the following session.

Each of these sessions offers an Intense launch + explanation of business strategies to help you get your initiatives accomplished. If you are not sure which option is best for you, you may want to start with a 30 Minute Discovery Call or application to discuss your current obstacles and coaching options.

If you KNOW that you want coaching and your level of investment, you can book either option below.

Mini Strategy Session

$17800Not all businesses need multiple session, just a gameplan to get the ball rolling. For most, a strategy document, coupled with a “Ta-Da” list of actionable steps is sufficient. The trick is to revisit it as often as possible. The one hour Mini Strategy Session is the perfect place to start.


$100000 VIP Day Coaching Sessions are 6 FULL-Hours of 1:1 coaching working on your initiatives. A custom curriculum around your goals will be created for the day. The VIP Day is BEST for an entrepreneur who needs to move a little quicker in setting up their strategic business growth initiatives.

3 Month Customize Coaching

210000Are you a serious entrepreneur looking to grow your businesses? This 12-week program is designed to deep dive into your personal vision and create a strategy that empowers you to grow your business and life!

IGNITE! Your Digital Marketing

  • This 12-week transformational program is well-suited for business owners who are feeling overwhelmed with the online world and want to know how to simplify it and improve their online presence. We will go over everything digital from social media, SEO, email and Ads.

LAUNCH! Your Business

  • This 6 week program is perfect for someone who is just thinking of starting a business and wants to establish a solid foundation, block by block. In this 6 week private coaching session, you will gain clarity on your business idea, find your niche, develop a strategy to monetize and more!

“Deanna is by far the best in the business as a Social Media expert and Entrepreneur coach. She is always up on the latest updates on Facebook, Instagram, and the entire network of SM Marketing technology.

What also stands Deanna apart is her attentiveness to her clients. I know that I can always depend upon Deanna to get back to me in a very timely fashion and work through any questions I may have. She is always ahead of the game with the latest trends and I trust that she will always be there to support should I ever need assistance.

I highly recommend Deanna for any business marketing needs, there are no better hands to be in.”

Jaime G. State Marketing Specialist , Ohio Mentor