Your hands are shaking, the camera is recording, people are joining…



You’re going live!

Scary, isn’t it? Not as much as you think!

However, if going live does frighten you, you’re not the only one.

Millions of business owners everywhere prefer typing up a snazzy Instagram caption, writing an informational blog post, or even hosting an online seminar than they prefer hitting record and going live.


Because going live is raw, unedited, and therefore, intimidating!

A small business owner like yourself, that’s the last impression you would want to leave with your clients. You want your business to appear perfect and polished, so you naturally hide who you are as the owner by shuddering at the idea of going live.

I totally get it! Business owners everywhere get it!

However, you should probably know that your fear of going live could possibly be getting in the way of your business sky-rocketing—that a personal touch between you and a client could be one only waiting to happen.

Interested in overcoming that fear? Good!

Because this week’s blog post is going to tell you how. And, before you know it, you’ll be confident enough to go live in no time!

After you’re finished breathing in a paper bag before hitting the “record” button, you should think about the benefits of going live. My guess is that you probably don’t know what those benefits are. Well, it’s simple! Going live gives your clients the chance to see how great of a business owner you are. Similar to this,

going live gives you the chance to tell your clients how great they are.

Customer service, people! Clients, and those who happen to stumble upon your page, love great service! Of course they do! I’m sure you deliver excellent customer care in your emails, social media posts, direct messages, and transactions, but emails are but a few paragraphs long, correct? Social media posts take two seconds to read, direct messages are skimmed over, transactions take two minute tops, right? But, live videos?

Instagram gives you an hour.
Facebook gives you four hours.
Periscope lets you broadcast for as long as you want.

Yes! So while you’re used to wishing customers a good day after a quick transaction or advertising a product with a small caption on social media,

going live can keep the connection going for even longer.

It’s no secret that you have an incredible business. It’s obvious on your website and social media pages, in addition to the reason why you’ll find yourself promoting it subconsciously. But, the truth is that

most clients like to see the raw, unedited person they’re doing business with more than they’re interested in the business itself.

Again, it’s no secret your business rocks! That’s why you have the clients you have now, some even preparing to sign up as we speak!

But, you know who’s even cooler?

You are!

How do I know that?

Your business is cool!

No boring person could produce products and services the way you have! And, the more clients become satisfied with what your business has to offer, their curiosity about the owner gets even more extreme—

which is why you have to be seen, especially in your rawest form!

Of course, you can play it safe: record a video, edit out the moments where your tongue twisted, slap a filter on it, insert a soft music track to help distract from what you’re saying. But, let’s just be real. Literally! Just be real!

That’s what people want. The real you. The passionate you. The you that started the business everyone wants to be a part of.

And, that’s what you have to tell yourself!

No more voice exercises before clicking record or filtering your laugh with a conscious giggle. You must be yourself. Who else could you be?

Now, is this code for “go live without being prepared?”

Of course, you can keep the post-it notes to your side, numbered with topics and upcoming events you would like to discuss. My point is that you shouldn’t deliver those points with a plastic smile and tin-man posture.

You can overcome your fear of going live by reminding yourself of what your clients really want…you! The hero behind their favorite business!

Once you keep telling yourself this, going live will get easier. But, there’s a little more to overcoming your fear than you think.

This is: facing the fear.

The random account that decides to hurl an insult at you, the comment staring back at you live in the face? I hate to break it to you, but it’ll happen.

It’s inevitable. It happens to everyone.

Don’t take it personally!

Believe it or not: there are people who actually live-stream-hop from one broadcast to another, leave a wacky, random comment and head for the next. May I repeat: don’t take it personally! There will be more fans on your live stream than there will be haters. (Haters is actually too strong of a term. They don’t hate you. They don’t even know you!) Don’t let their weird little hobby of live-stream-hopping from one broadcast to the next get you down. There are people watching who actually want to see you, hence why they are sharing your live stream, inviting their friends to watch as well. Don’t be surprised if all of their sharing attracts a few strangers too.

To recap:

Yes, going live is scary, but it can benefit your business! (I say, “Customer!” You say, “Service!”)
Yes, clients are in love with your business, but they need a chance to see why they are—the owner (you!) is even more incredible!
You have to tell yourself this. You can be prepared, but you won’t be perfect! You must accept this.

So now that you have overcome your fear, it’s time to face it head-on. You still don’t feel ready? Well, here’s another little secret:

You’ll never feel ready.

Not until you try, not until you press record. You’ve got what it takes to do this. I know it, your clients know it, and deep down, you know it too. So, challenge yourself! Go live, and watch how your broadcast becomes a magnet for new clients.