There’s one question that I think is easily overlooked when you are working towards goals. We sometimes get so focused on what we want to achieve and each step it takes to get us there. We grind and hustle and spend hours pushing ourselves. We ask ourselves what we can be doing better than we did yesterday, but there’s something else that we should ask ourselves. It’s so important in creating the life we really want, but we get so caught up in the grind that it’s easy to forget.

The question:

What would you do differently if your only goal was to love yourself more?

Really, what would you do?

Stop trying so hard. Try a little harder. Be more intentional. Think less.

Go to bed earlier. Stay up a little later. Go out to dinner alone. Read more books. Drink more green tea. Eat more ice cream.

Stop criticizing yourself. Start recognizing your beauty and grace. Have gentle eyes (and thoughts) when you look in the mirror.

Start a gratitude journal. Pray. Meditate. Take more walks.

End that relationship you know isn’t going to last. Make a new friend. Listen when someone tells you a chapter of their story.

Bake a cake, just because you can. Clean your house. Call your grandma.

Speak your truth to your boss. And your mom. And your best friend.

Go on that yoga retreat. Sign up for belly dancing. Paint with watercolors. Sing in the shower.

Dance naked. Take a nap. Take a week off work and go on an unplanned road trip. Start saving for that European vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Wear your favorite t-shirt. Cut off your hair. Dye it pink. Get a tattoo. Learn to sew. Learn to play guitar. Learn to say no.

Be quiet. Be still. Move more. Write more.

Do work that matters. Be bold. Be daring.

Make mistakes.

Forgive yourself.

Try again.

Keep going.

Acknowledge your strength. Your depth. Your brilliance.

Acknowledge you.

What would you do differently if your only goal was to love yourself more?