My First Online Video The Startup CircleThe other day was a first for me, my first online video. I’m not the shy quiet type but I have to be honest, this made me a little uncomfortable when it came down to shooting it.

What would I say?

Do I really sound like that? (and having a cold with a terrible cough didn’t help!)

Do I look ok?

A million questions poured into my head all at once and I could feel myself getting nervous. I’ve done Facebook live before, I’ve been on our local news stations a ton of times and none of that ever got me nervous…in fact it was a lot of FUN!  But this was different. I was now in control of this from beginning to end.  I am the one that has a plan to focus on doing more online workshops so that I could reach a larger group of entrepreneurs. It had to be perfect. I had to be perfect.  It was my first run, without my videographer, and I wanted to give it a whirl. so I do what I do best, I closed my eyes, jumped and just did it!

I could tell you that it went super smooth and I overcame that fear on the first run. But that’s the furthest thing from the truth. I did get past my fear quickly but it must have taken a hundred takes to get through the video that was only a few seconds shy of ten minutes! Instead of waiting I decided to publish it on the spot. I doubt I’ll do that again because it really needed to be edited and made “pretty”, but I don’t regret it for my first one. I got it out there and shared it and it can only get better now!


If you’re a member of The Startup Circle, and missed our Goal Planning Workshop, you can watch my first video here! {Don’t laugh too much!}

I see a blooper series in my future…