Are you marketing with intention?

When I first met with Dena DeLuco with Evolving Door, we were discussing branding and sharing ideas. From that conversation, she began to share with me what she does on a regular basis, Marketing with Intention. I was well aware of what being intentional meant, but I was curious what her concept entailed. Dena always has always had the ability to view things from a different perspective and challenge me to get out of my comfort zone, so I obviously wanted her to spill it!

I loved what she had to share and the process she uses from planning a workshop, speaking engagement or even a one on one! I thought it was pretty cool, but not surprised since it was coming from her!

If you’re ready to push yourself and begin marketing with intention, then check out the video of our conversation below.


Uncover your “why” for every aspect of what you’re doing. Starting with your fauxstimonial ( I think that may be a word she made up but we love it!) and working from there to make sure that you deliver your very best every time!


  1. Pick an event and create a fauxstimonial
  2. Market with intention
  3. Share with use how it worked either in the comments or in our exclusive Facebook group if you’re part of The Startup Circle ? We would love to hear your story!