Change can create a sense of anxiety when it comes storming in. In my interview with Emily Petroff, Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, she shares tips to kick the panic and kick some ass.

When the pandemic swept over the world in March of 2020, there was a common theme in the way many people were feeling. Some were feeling blah, others were on edge, both were emotional reactions to what was happening in the world around us as well as in our personal lives.

When I interviewed Emily, it was about how to handle the changes that were happening at that moment, but the truth is, change can happen at any time in our lives.  There doesn’t need to be a pandemic to learn how to adjust to a major change in our life and business.  Here are a few tips that she shared with me.


How do we handle big changes when they are happening?

  1. Have an awareness of the emotions we are feeling.   Typically when we are dealing with a big change, we are also dealing with a lot of emotional energy that may need to be addressed or is misplaced at the moment.
    1. Does it belong to you, then address it and figure out what to do about that? Get the support you need.
    2. If it doesn’t belong to you, then get rid of it.
  2. Have a strong support system around you. Go through and make your list of 10: 10 people (entrepreneurs, supporters, or someone who has a mindset that is strong and positive) If you don’t have that community already built up, find that person for you. Now, more than ever, it’s important to surround yourself with those who are going to help get you to the place you’re striving to be. This isn’t the time to be around naysayers or anyone that will want to pull you down with them.
  3. Don’t resist what you are feeling.  Be ok in that space that you currently in. When we are going through a major change and feeling out of sorts, we may find ourselves apologizing for it. STOP!  There’s no need to apologize at all. Don’t resist that feeling, be ok where you are.   Remember, “What we resist, persists” You have permission to feel the way that you feel during this time.
  4. Don’t get sucked into the production shame.  Production shaming is a term that I first heard during the pandemic. During this type, everyone seemed to be doing major projects, filling up their schedule, and being super productive. But what if you weren’t feeling that productive? That’s when the term production shaming came into play.  We buy into this concept that we need to be productive, but if you really feel like you want to do nothing, honor that feeling. Don’t feel bad if you don’t do all of the things that others are doing.  Maybe being quiet is really being ready to receive what is coming for you! 
  5. Don’t buy into imposter syndrome   As entrepreneurs, we can easily get sucked into imposter syndrome, the belief that we don’t know enough to be doing what we do. We question if we know or have all of the answers. We think we need to do more in order to stand in our space and give the information we are giving. That’s not true. You have a wealth of knowledge already. Trust yourself and be confident in sharing your message.
  6. Collaborate with others. Have a brainstorming session and find ways to create opportunities to work with someone you may have always wanted to work with someone. You might be pleasantly surprised what comes out of doing something like this!


Overall and most importantly, give a lot of grace to ourselves and to others. We don’t know what others are dealing with right now. In fact, they may not even know why they are feeling the way that they are! Things may seem out of sorts right now, but it’s temporary. Steadfast and stay true to who you are and the pieces will fall back into place. They always do.

What are some things that help you get through a challenging time?