Have you thought about using your skills to start a freelance business or maybe even a side hustle to generate some additional revenue? If you said yes, you’re not alone. Freelancing is serious business and with many people finding themselves unemployed due to COVID-19, the time is right to take the leap!

Freelancing is big business and it’s growing!

Freelancers earn money by contracting their work to different companies without necessarily being tied down to a specific company or having a typical J-O-B. This means that they can often wherever they like, whenever they like, all while contributing to multiple clients at once.

There are currently about 1.1 billion freelancers around the world making up 35% of the global workforce and 75% of them say that they wouldn’t trade their freelancing for any other type of work.

Join myself and guest, Colleen Lozano as we talk about what it’s like taking that first step. Colleen is a freelance entrepreneur, who never really considered her freelancing as a full-time job. At least not at first. She utilized her skillset to help generate revenue while she continued on her job hunting journey. But something changed that! Find out how and why she decided to pursue freelancing as a way of life.


Show Notes:

Hear how she: 

2:34 How to take the jump into the world of freelance

3:21 When you’re in an industry that you don’t “fit in” or really enjoy and you want more

5:00: Working with a mentor

6:13 The push into freelance

6:49 Still job hunting but having a side hustle

8:00: All those no’s were a blessing

8:56: Adjusting to being a freelancer

9:37: What I love about being a freelancer all comes down to one thing

10:21: What was it like when you first made the decision to be a freelancer?

11:23: The turning point from side hustler to full-time freelancer

12:35: Reaching out and connecting

14:22: The biggest struggles she faced after making the decision to be a freelancer

16:29: Feeling alone as an entrepreneur

19:00: Finding balance as a freelancer

19:39: The shit from a 9-5 mindset to the entrepreneur mindset

20:26: The “eye-opening” workshop

22:40: The value of working with a Coach

26:02: Advice to someone debating on leaping into freelance