Have you ever had someone ask you, “Can I pick your brain?”

Oh boy! I have been crazy busy wrapping up my 30 days Bootcamp, IGNITE! Your Digital Marketing, I just opened the doors to The Sassy Entrepreneur and now I’m getting ready for my next program launch.

Not long ago, I had someone ask if I could meet them for coffee, being in a new town, I was more than happy to. What followed was a series of questions about how they could manage their social media. How do you do Reels? Can you take me step by step? What should I do…?

Do you get it? It had nothing to do with what I thought the intentions were, it pretty much a long consultation session and if you’re wondering, I didn’t share everything. There’s a fee for that!

This brings me to today’s topic on The Sassy Girl Entrepreneur Show…How to respond when someone asks “Can I pick your brain?”

You’ve worked really hard to get your business on the path that has started others to take notice. People are starting to talk about you and everything you’re accomplishing. To the outside world, it may seem like it just easily happened for you, but you know the truth, it’s taken a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and sleepiness nights to get you here.

You’ve gained a lot of expertise through your trials and errors and now that one question starts to be ask.” Can I pick your brain?”

One request is flattering

Two requests are starting you to have to put it in your calendar

The requests start coming in and to be honest, you just don’t have time!

In today’s episode, I’m talking about:

  • When is it ok to ask to pick someone’s brain and when is it not ok?
  • When is it ok to say YES!
  • How do you respond when it’s a No without being a jerk.

I would love to hear your opinion on this?

How do you handle when asked “Do you want to grab coffee?”, when you know the person is to get free information. What’s your go to response?

As always, thanks for watching and listening!


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