Psst…do you want tips to create great videos?

It’s no secret that videos are a must for any business. Videos have been becoming more and more popular in the last several years. The reason for that is that social media platforms have been giving favor for content in video format. The most popular platforms have incorporated videos and going live as a feature today, and if you use it, you will reach more people organically.
If you ever wondered where even to begin when it comes to creating great videos, you’re in luck! Today on The Sassy Girl Entrepreneur Show, I have Video Creation Strategist Edie Clarke to share how to create great videos! She’s going to explain how you can create high-quality videos without the cost of hiring your own production crew!
Let’s talk equipment! 
As you scroll through YouTube or even Instagram Reels, so many videos look polished. You might think that you need to spend some cash to create your own videos that look similar to that. The answer to that is no way! Most people have everything they need already!
Here’s a list of what you need, along with some tools that can help when you’re ready to add them:
  • Phone or computer with a camera.  Yes, your phone. Most phones today have a great camera on them, and you might be surprised to learn just how many of those videos are actually shot on an iPhone or Droid.
  • Tripod
  • Natural Light.  Find an area that gets a lot of natural light and set up shop right in front of it. If you’re in an office without windows or have a good source of natural light, you purchase a ring light. Most ring lights have a place that will hold your camera. Make sure you have that so it’s easier to use.
  • Softbox Light. This isn’t a necessity but a nice feature if you’re in an office or room that doesn’t have great lighting.
  • Microphone.  If you’re using a webcam, a USB microphone will improve the audio on your video. If using your phone, you can get a microphone that is compatible with it.  Having great audio is important. If the audio isn’t good and your audience can’t hear you, they will log off.
  • Teleprompter. This is a game-changer, friends! There are several out there, but Big VU is one of Edie’s favorite!

Edie and I talk about the biggest and coolest feature: how you can create these videos that look like you have an entire production team, simply and easily from your home or office.  She can work with you virtually, coach you on your videos, work with your lighting, audio and edit through proprietary software. It’s freaking fabulistic! (You have to check it out!)


We are also talking about: 

  • How to produce great video content easily
  • Why a teleprompter is so important
  • Tips for those of us who wear glasses
  • How to overcome the fear of being on video

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About Edie Clarke

Edie Clarke is a video creation strategist who works with established entrepreneurs who want to use videos to reach a broader audience to grow their businesses and online influence. By offering remote video creation, video editing, and video consulting services.
Edie uses proprietary software to remotely create, view, and collaborate on your video. She can direct you from your smartphone or webcam and control the shoot, recording in up to 1080p quality from multiple camera angles – all without breaking the bank!
She’s passionate about helping and educating her audience about the important role that video can play in their overall marketing plan and how they can create videos either on their own using efficient tools or by outsourcing their needs to her. Either way, her goal is to make creating videos easy, effortless, and consistent.
To learn more, subscribe to her YouTube channel, where she posts weekly videos about creating videos for your business, or schedule a time to chat with her at