Mass hysteria has hit the world with the spread of the corona virus outbreak, also known as COVID-19. Events are being cancelled, schools are being closed, stores are selling out of household supplies and people are afraid to go out if they don’t need to. Small business owners are feeling the effects like a punch to the gut.

What do you do as a small business owner who has put everything into your business and feeling the walls close in as business drops? Washing your hands won’t solve this problem, so let’s get right to it!

Keep a positive attitude.  

This is one of the most important things you can do right now. Your attitude will rub off on employees as well as customers. When you have a positive approach, it’s contagious.  You also feel more in control and confident, which means you will be preforming at your best, and right now, you need your best self to show up!

Don’t sell the product, sell the solution.

People buy to avoid pain or gain pleasure. That’s it. Two reasons why we all purchase everything we have. Right now, people are buying some products out of fear.  How can you provide a solution to your customers right now? Here are a few possibilities:

    • Purchasing items online, your website or even social media
    • Provide a product or service that is needed. Maybe it’s something you haven’t had before because it wasn’t needed but is now.
    • Offer shipping options

Partner with another small business.

Cross promote with a business. If you have a wine company, partner with a chocolate or cheese company. This will put your product or service in front of others who may have never had heard of you before, and it’s coming from a business that they already like and trust! You’ve just reduced the sales cycle a bit by building in that credibility.

Continue to market! 

This is not the time to stop. People have more downtime right now because of this outbreak. Now is the time to really market your product and get creative

    • Use social media to reach customers
    • Send out a email about ways they can use your product or service right now! Do you sell spa products? This is the perfect time for some “me time” while your customer is home.

Go online! 

There’s no need to cancel that workshop or event you had planned. Continue it just do it online. If it’s a free event, you can go live on social media. Paid event? No worries, there are platforms like Zoom that you can use without having to cancel what you had planned, and you won’t have to refund anyone now!

Take the time to strategize.

If you find yourself with downtime then take a moment to regroup.

    • What does your digital marketing strategy look like right now? How can you improve it?
    • How can you reduce costs?

The small business community is a community of people who put everything they have into their business. They are men and women like me and you. Their budgets do not look like the budgets of big box stores. This is the time where we need to pull together and support our friends and neighbors. They say it “takes a community” and that starts with you.

I would love to hear what you are doing to turn your business around or support small business in your community.