Dhariana Lozano is a social media consultant and influencer. She’s also the owner of Supremecy Marketing in New York City, and writes for several publications such as Social Media Today, Social Media Week, Business 2 Community, and Agora Pulse.

When I first met Dhariana at a digital marketing conference we were both speaking at, DOYO Live, I couldn’t wait to hear her presentation. First, because she has a really cool name (yes, that’s true) and most importantly because I knew she was named a Social Media Influencer by Social Media Today, which was a really big deal to me. As an early adopter of social media, I had to learn by trial and error (a LOT of trial and error) as well as resources like the ones Dhariana writes for.

What I learned about Dhariana since that first meeting is that she is a super cool chic, who knows what she’s talking about. She’s no fluff, but super sweet and successfully took the entrepreneurial leap. I had to share her, her story and wisdom with others…so please meet Dhariana!

Deanna: How long ago did you launch Supremacy Marketing? 

Dhariana: I launch my little agency about 4 years ago – time has flown by!

Deanna: What led you to start your own business? 

Dhariana: I’ve worked in a lot of different industries on both business-to-business and business-to-consumer spaces. It didn’t matter at what company I worked in, it felt like social media was a little bit of an afterthought. There were so many times projects were near completion when I’d get called in, told what was promised to the client only to. Have to say “that’s not how that works” and have to rectify the situation. I decided it was time to go out on my own and work with people and businesses that brought me joy.

Deanna: What was the biggest struggle you faced with deciding to start it? 

Dhariana: The biggest struggle was to come to terms with the fact that there wouldn’t be a steady paycheck, to begin with. I’m an independent woman, proud of my work and loved making my own money and saving. Not being able to put money aside for a while really freaked me out. But I took the leap!


Deanna: You also have a program called, The Social Media Lounge. Tell me a little about that. 

Dhariana:  The DhariLo Social Media Lounge is a space where I teach social media strategies and tactics to help businesses grow. There’s no fluff, just real strategies I’ve tried and tested. Every month we do a challenge so that you actually start using what you learn in each masterclass. Plus there are live calls with me to help you along the way. 

The lounge for me is a way to connect with my readers a little deeper and be able to serve those who may not have the budget to work with me on consulting. 


Deanna: Who should join The Social Media Lounge? 

Dhariana: The social media lounge is for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and bloggers who are handling social media on their own. I have some new marketers in the group as well. 


Deanna: Social Media Today was like my bible when I was first using social media to grow my very first business. They have named you a social media influencer and you write for them! What was that experience like when they contacted you? 

Dhariana: Social Media Today is such a great resource! I had been syndicating my articles on their site for a few years before I was contacted about being a Social Media Today Influencer. Definitely a milestone for me and such an amazing experience. It was a moment where I felt my work is paying off!

Deanna: What is the most common mistake you see small business owners making in regards to their social media?

Dhariana: The biggest mistake I see business owners make is the mindset that once they post about something, it will change everything and people will rush through the door. Social media takes time and energy it’s not a one-time thing. Another big one I have to talk about is not telling your brand’s story or going behind the scenes. People want to see who’s back there pushing buttons and making things go lol.


Deanna: What’s the best tool you would recommend for people to grow their business right now? 

Dhariana: Video! Video is so much easier to dive into now. Our phones can record great quality images and videos and there are so many free tools to help you edit. The key is not to overthink your videos. 


Deanna: How often should someone post and what times? 

Dhariana: I love this question because I’ve been getting it so often and I know it’s one of the things people struggle with and wonder about.  So here is my take on this: there is no magic number. The number of times you post on social media is determined by many factors. This includes your niche and of course what your audience responds well to. No two accounts, even within the same industry, will be the same. The one thing I want you to realize is that you don’t NEED to post every day, and you definitely don’t need to post multiple times a day – I cringe whenever I hear a marketer suggest that this is absolutely necessary. With the decline of organic reach, spending time to interact, to find and take part in conversations is just as important as posting. Now more than ever, you should be social, on social media.


Deanna: What has been your biggest success so far? 

Dhariana: This is a hard question! There have several moments that distinctly stand out for me. One is when I was eating at one of my restaurant clients and someone walked in the door with their cell phone out, Instagram pulled up to the account of the restaurant and said “I want to order this” and they showed the bartender their phone. I was so happy and in my head, I was like “it works!”. The other moments that stand out to me are when we know we are driving sales, when a coaching or consulting clients let me know the steps I’ve left them with are working or when clients just let me know how happy they are with the work or that they don’t have to worry about their social media anymore. Getting that trust is everything!


Deanna: What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome? 

Dhariana: There have been SO many – how long do we have? I think the biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome specifically dealing with diving into entrepreneurship was myself. Particularly with managing my time and energy. As an entrepreneur, there is so much to do, always. You really have to learn to set boundaries and take care of yourself.


Deanna: What is your biggest passion? {You’ve shared that social media and digital marketing is #2} 

Dhariana: I LOVE food! Eating and cooking are definitely things I enjoy. When I’m cooking I’m not in front of a screen the whole time and I love that. I’d love to travel more – so I’m working on adding that to my list of passions. 


Deanna: What’s the best part of what you do?

Dhariana: The best part about what I do is that I get to help people, brands, and businesses grow. I always want to see those around me succeed, and if I can have a helpful hand in that I’m happy. I love helping others make their dreams come true using social media. 


Deanna: What’s a “must-see” or “must visit” place in NYC that only locals really know about? 

Dhariana: New York City is full of places like this. But for this one, I’d have to say you should venture to Washington Heights and check out Fort Tryon Park. I grew up in the area and it just has a completely different feel than the rest of the city. The MET Cloisters are in the park, along with a cute little restaurant. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon.


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