In the cozy town of Hubbard, Ohio, there sits a tiny shop that holds so many treasures of past + decor of a beautiful future. This little gem is called, Extending Grace. Susan Mocker and Devon Cretella are the women behind the dream called Extending Grace. Many years ago, God got hold of their hearts, and the transition began.

“A relationship with Jesus Christ will change you if you let it, and it has been quite a journey.”

What is Extending Grace?

Extending Grace a shop in Hubbard, OH with a bit of everything…antiques, vintage, paper, paint, handmade jewelry, and home decor.  We also host a variety of creative workshops.


What made you decide to open Extending Grace?

This has been a long-term dream for both of us.  We envisioned a place where people could gather beautiful items for their home to make it as warm and inviting as possible, but also where they could tap into their own creativity.  We started talking about it way back around 1999. Life just kept getting in the way but God finally put all of the pieces together for us and here we are!


What type of background did you have?

We have both always enjoyed the creative process of collecting, decorating, entertaining, and making one of a kind gifts and items for our homes.  Neither of us actually had very much retail background. Susan’s background was in administration, Devon’s was in insurance.


Was it an easy or difficult decision to launch?

Both!  It was easy because we could envision what we were going for but difficult to actually take the first step.  It was a big undertaking.


What things did you consider when launching Extending Grace?  

Location, location, location…time, money, all the big things.  We also wanted to make sure it wouldn’t damage our friendship too and it hasn’t.  Being in business together has actually made it even better. We love doing creative things together and we each have complimentary gifts and talents.  


What was your biggest struggle when you started?

Trying to get up and running in a short amount of time.  We ended up opening about 60 days after our projected date.  


What is was your biggest obstacle and how did you overcome it?

Trying to determine what inventory to purchase and how much.  That is still a bit of trial and error.


What has been your greatest reward?

Finally an easy question!  We really enjoy meeting so many new people and then seeing those relationships evolve into friendships. We also love hosting workshops and watching our customers tap into their creativity.


What is the future of Extending Grace?

To become the “Magnolia Market” of Hubbard.  Just kidding. Really just to be the best that WE can be.  


What advice do you have for someone thinking about launching a retail store?  

Make sure you are selling something that you love and are passionate about.  Seek good advice from an accountant, an attorney, and a great business coach. Don’t be anxious-it will take time to get on your feet and to be successful.  It doesn’t happen overnight. Treat people with love and kindness. That will be your best advertising.