Uncertainty, when starting a business is, not an uncommon emotion. It was one that Becky Bertuzzi of BSquared dealt with as well when she decided to launch her business over three years ago.  I recently had the opportunity to sit with Becky and discuss BSquared and the decisions she made when deciding to launch her business.

What is BSquared?

Becky: BSquared, a branding, digital and design company based out of Warren Ohio. The name of the business came from the first and last initials of my name.  I work with small to mid-size businesses as well as fellow entrepreneurs.

What made you start BSquared?

I’ve always enjoyed design and utilized it in my day job. I had a lot of people asking me to design certain things for them, so I decided to start a business around graphic design and website design.  I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Youngstown State University and I’m self-taught in graphic design.  I considered minoring in Art while at YSU, but when I found out it was a double major, I decided to forgo that, mainly because I wanted to be out in four years.  Friends of mine were studying animation and design at other schools, and one of them was nice enough to send me a bootleg copy of Adobe Illustrator. With the help of my friends, I taught myself the program while I was still in school.

What things did you consider when deciding to launch a business?

Price was the biggest factor when I launched. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t price myself out of the market while still putting a value on my time. Once I figured that out, launching was an easy decision. I still had a full-time job with a local construction company, so I wasn’t leaving that to start something completely new.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced when you launched your BSquared?

The biggest obstacle I faced was promoting my business. I started very grassroots – I set up websites as well as social media sites, but most of my work was through referrals and people I knew. As my work started to increase, I began to post more on social media and share my work on websites.  Currently, my goals are to continue posting on social media but to include paid advertising into the mix as well as experimenting with video on the platforms.

What has been your greatest reward?

This is going to sound weird, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the steady stream of work that I’ve done over the past three years. When I started Bsquared, I was unsure of the success that I would have. It’s rewarding to still be on this journey and now making more of a focus to grow it even more!

What advice do you have for thinking about starting a small business?

I think that some businesses will put branding on the back burner or think that having a logo created for them as well as a website, etc, will be too expensive.  That’s not true.  You don’t have to break the bank when creating the visual look for your brand.   Another thing I would encourage them to do is network and join entrepreneur groups. Chances are that if you are having a problem on your entrepreneurial journey, someone else may have the solution. Networking is a great way to share your business and possibly grow it!


To learn more about Becky Bertuzzi and BSquared, you can check out her website here!