Facebook is still on top for brands. Sure there is a lot of activity happening on SnapChat and Instagram, but when you get down to it, Facebook is still the place to be for small business. Mobile users spend 30 minutes a day on Facebook. Read on to find out why this matters for your brand.

This just in from Business Insiders Matt Rosoff:

When it comes to mobile social network usage, there’s Facebook, then there’s everybody else. That’s the conclusion from this Statista chart. The two numbers considered were the number of monthly average mobile users for each social network in the U.S., and the total mobile minutes spent on each network every day in the U.S.. Based on those two numbers, the average mobile Facebook user spends about 30 minutes each day interacting on the social network. Snapchat is a distant second, with 8.5 minutes.”

facebook mobile users

When it comes to mobile, my visceral conclusions are:

1) Yeah, SnapChat is hot—we’re getting more and more brands asking about it—but it’s day has not come yet. Neither has Instagram’s.
2) Look where Twitter and Pinterest come in.
3) Chances are good that if you’e wanting more awareness, more engagement, more web traffic and more conversions, then Facebook (desktop and mobile) should dominate your approach and budget.