As an entrepreneur your brain is swimming with new ideas and directions for your business. Your excitement is contagious and your energy is intoxicating, however often you find the end of the day comes before the end of your “to do” list.

The challenge?  Focus.

Rather than focusing on one idea and following it through to the end, entrepreneurial women attempt to multi-task their way to the goal line of all of their ideas at once.  The result? Frustration.

It is time to break the mold of past behavior and try something new. Ask yourself:

    • Are all of the projects of equal importance?
    • Do each of the business ideas feed your energy or are some more arduous than others?
    • Are the people assisting you with your vision working for the ultimate goal or are they resistant?
    • What other commitments could interfere?
    • Is this project in-line with my bold goals?
    • If I took it on, would it be for the right reasons?
    • How will it impact my other responsibilities and commitments?
    • What would success look like?

Before you leap into your next endeavor –it is time to do some personal house cleaning to get the momentum to leap. Stop and think about the above questions. It’s time to create a life path that will help guide you where to place your focus. Get a notebook and write down your answers.  Use them as a tool to take your business to the next level.

Good Luck and be sure to share your successes with us!