I couldn’t wait to talk to my next guest, Chris Askew, about the eight psychological tips to improve your social marketing strategy. Psychology is totally my jam and clearly Chris’s too! Check out episode #15 of The Sassy Girl Entrepreneur Show when Chris spills all the secrets!

At the base of every great marketing strategy is a basic knowledge of human behavior. Understanding how people think, make decisions, and interact will give you a big edge ahead. Every day, you’re being bombarded with people trying to sell you stuff. The big brands, the small businesses, TVs, and websites. They trick you into buying their stuff and even paying more for it. Apple, along with other brands, uses psychology in its marketing. A lot. No wonder iPhone users feel classic, expensive, and stylish compared to others. TV hosts use laughter. They are tricking you. They don’t want you to touch that dial. Because if you touch it, you’re gone. And you may never return to their channel.

It’s no secret that great marketers use psychology and we are sharing eight of those tricks with you!

About Chirs
Chris loves helping small to medium size businesses grow. He has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for over 20 years and helps business owners get more customers and to increase sales by crafting a marketing & branding strategy that is tailored to their business and to your audience.
Chris is the founder of TILT! A marketing & branding agency located in northeastern Ohio, and the host of ‘TAG!’ – a sales & marketing podcast.
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