Deanna Fusillo Daily Habits of SuccessReady to create some daily habits of success?

Then you came to the right place!

Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of time in after my typical work day for some additional training and studying so that not only can I be more successful but more importantly, how can I share with you to be more successful. I’ve compiled a list of different things and taken bits and pieces from different books I’ve read and seminars I’ve attended and created a list of how to be more successful.

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I’ve gone to so many events and read so many books about different business strategies. I’ll take some notes and have every intention on putting the steps into action, I’m completely committed to following through and maybe I’ll do it for a day or two but before too much time has past, it’s set off to the side and I’m back into my old habits. Is this you too? I know many of you can relate!

This is the reason why I wanted to come up with something that is a little easier to manage. I wanted to create a set of action steps that are something that is not that difficult to do daily and create a habit.

Let’s face it…anytime we start something new, it’s hard to get into that groove!

Whether you are talking about going to the gym or implementing a new habit in your business life. Sometimes it can even be difficult to do so or really uncomfortable. If you’ve ever cold called on a client, it’s not all that easy in the beginning. I remember the first time I had to cold call for an outside sales position, it was really uncomfortable at first and I had to keep doing it first to get into my groove and find that comfortable place.

My point is, sometimes doing something you haven’t done before can be uncomfortable, but if you keep pushing through, you’ll find yourself in a place that is comfortable and easy to do.

Are you ready to start to create habits of success? Let’s get started!

Set a Goal!

People who are very successful have a goal that they set. We all can have a dream, and that’s great.

What’s the point of having a dream if you don’t turn it into reality?

Know where you are going.  The most important part of creating a goal through is putting it into action!

Create steps that you need to do to achieve that goal. Create a timeline. Start with one step and hold yourself accountable. Put it on your calendar, on a post it note…whatever works for you.

Make the goal small enough to be able to obtain but big enough to challenge yourself.


Work Your Butt Off!

Sometimes we are so busy pretending to be busy but in reality, we are only spinning our wheels. It’s time to get real with yourself…you’re wasting time and energy. Quit faking the funk and start taking real steps to bring that goal into fruition.

I found that sometimes we do things because we “think” it’s what we are suppose to because someone else does it and it works for them. Listen, we each have found what works best for us. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Find your path of least resistance and rock it out! You don’t have to justify what you’re doing to anyone else, or keep up those appearances. In the end, your actions and results will do the talking


I have a “to do” list I work with all of the time. I start with the items that bring in revenue right away first and end with the small errands. I also accomplish those ugly tasks first as well…you know the ones that we don’t want to do and keep putting off but once we get it done, it’s like a weight is lifted off of our shoulders. Yes, those ones!   Tackle those and I promise you will feel like accomplished and those little tasks will be that much easier to bust through.


Never stop learning and growing! You don’t know it all and if you think you do, you’re wrong.  Always develop your skills and invest in yourself. I  highly recommend working with a coach or mentor to help you identify those goals, create a action steps and then holding you accountable. Having a business coach has been so valuable to me and I see the rewards in my clients that I mentor.  Never stop becoming a better version of you. Surround yourself with people who push you outside of your comfort zone and support you to the next level.


As you do this, you will start to develop new habits and before you know it it’s going to be second nature. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Work really hard at meeting that first goal and then set the next goal.


Do you have any additional tips that work for you? I would love to hear!