Create Your Blog in 15 minutesSo you want to start a blog? I get approached often from people inquiring on what they need to do to start a blog. It’s really not all that difficult, but if you’re thinking that you’re going to start a blog and all of of sudden make a ton of money from it, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely make money with your blog! I know I have! But it doesn’t happen instantly. Keep in mind that your website is your storefront and the impression you make is important if you want people to continue coming back. So, let’s just get started and get that blog going!

1 Who are your customers? {Pick a niche}

What is your niche? Who is your target audience and what are you going to blog about? This is the very first step in creating your blog. Figure out what you are most passionate about then decide if your blog is something you want to make money from or not. Research that niche and see what others are doing. Look for keywords and what is working.

2. What are you calling your store? {Pick a domain}

So you did your research, found a niche that you’re passionate about, so now you need a name and a domain! You need to make sure it’s available. You can do so by going to a site like Network Solutions or

3. Location! Location! Location! {Pick a Blogging Platform}

Next you need to decide which blogging platform you want to use. The two most popular ones are WordPress and Blogger. There are a million posts out on the internet that explain the pros and cons with each. I’ll just stick to the point and give my opinion, you can make your own based on what fits your needs the best.

Both platforms are great. There isn’t a wrong answer when choosing which to go with, however I enjoy freedom and being able to work outside of what is given. That being said, my choice is Bot platforms are free, but (which is the self hosted site) gives you more freedom to create your site the way you want to!

4. Get the keys! Congratulations…You’re almost there!! {Pick a host}

You need a host for your site. What this means is the company that holds all of your files for your site and makes it possible to put you on the internet. {There’s much more to it than that, but we’re keeping it simple today} You can host your Blog where you purchased your domain, or find packages through companies like

5. Time to Decorate the Store!! {Design}

This is the fun part!! At least for me it is. This is the part that people see, the first impression they get. This is important that you’re able to instantly share what your about in about 30 seconds. Just pick a them and create it the way you want! You can add widgets, plug ins, change colors, add pages, links…etc. It’s limitless on what you can do! If you’re not comfortable with it, then I would recommend hiring someone to design it for you and save yourself the time it takes to learn everything. Focus on what you love instead. Sassy Girl Media Start a Blog

6. Let’s stock those shelves!! {Write}

Time to pour your heart out and Write! Write Write! Share what you’ve been wanting to share. This is your time!

7. Market your store {Social Share}

It’s great to have a website, a blog, a brick and mortar store….but if you don’t promote it properly, no one will find it. So, how to do you do that? The easiest way is through social media! Share on your Facebook, Instagram, Tubmlr, or Pinterest! There’s a lot of places to share what you have to say! Engage with other bloggers. Comment on their posts, share. You might be surprised to find what a great community the blogging world really is!

That’s pretty much it! In 15 minutes you can have your own blog and share your thoughts or wisdom with the rest of the world! If you’re new to the blogging world or thinking about starting, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and Best of Luck!