Let’s just be real.
When the phone is ringing off the hook, your calendar is filling up, and the bills are piling high, the last thing you may be thinking is, “Gee! I can’t forget to update my business blog!”
If you can relate, many other small business owners around the world can too.

The truth is that owning a business takes hard work.

There are needs that clients need to be fulfilled, needs that you—the owner—need to be fulfilled, on top of the everyday necessities that life makes impossible to ignore. So, if someone were to mention a business blog to you—a popular marketing technique that enhances you and your business—it would seem to appear a bit insignificant. You may see it as an accessory to your business—an interruption, even—not necessarily a factor you can’t thrive without. However, the truth is that having a business blog is more beneficial than you think. And, at the end of this blog post, I hope you’ll see why.
1) First things first, let’s state the obvious. Online is in! People Google things more than they read about it in the newspaper nowadays. So, you can purchase an ad for your business in the paper if you want, but ask yourself this. Do you even read those ads in the paper? Probably not. But, you are probably looking on your phone, aren’t you? Exactly. So, to be present and consistent online can drive phone-obsessed, Internet-driven, wifi-password-asking people like yourself right on over to your website.
2) And, once they’re on your website, a consistent business blog will keep them coming back.  They may not be clients yet—let alone raving fans—but the more they come back, they just might become one. This is because a business blog updates and refreshes your website every time you post, and will, therefore, give your clients up-to-date reminders of
  • what your business is about
  • how it can benefit them and
  • connects them personally to you.

It’s exactly what it sounds like…

—a blog that amplifies your voice, expresses your personality, and, the most important part, promotes your business. The personal, yet professional touch will keep potential clients coming back, which leads me to my next point.

3) Having a business blog helps people who don’t know you find you! It’s true that friends and family know about your business. If not, they certainly know your name. And, the reality is that (don’t take this the wrong way) potential clients, as of right now, don’t! That’s why you need to keep showing up in search engines frequently so your name and your business can be found easily. This is what a blog does—that is—if you blog consistently. With each post, you are updating your website, and an updated website gets first dibs on Google’s top page in search results. Not only that, but you are increasing the chance of your business getting shared throughout social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest. You read that right! It won’t just be your best friend or I’ll-support-you-no-matter-what grandmother finding you on Google. It’ll be someone who needs your business without looking too hard to find it!
Why You Need a Blog
4) Not only that, but your consistency will show credibility. What is credibility? Let’s just say it’s a wonderful word for those of you who want to have a successful business. Having an updated blog suggests credibility to your clients. Think about it. If a new client is on your website for the first time, they’ll trust you a little more when they see you posted something on the same week, if not daily, they found your website versus having to question your old piece from 2013 as their first and irreversible impression.
Has that happened to the best of us before? Of course, it has! But, being consistent lets potential clients know you are interested in putting out the newest—therefore, the best—content. A consistent business blog keeps your domain from going stale while keeping your business exciting and your position as owner credible! It will support and promote your desire to help them by offering the services you provide with your business. In other words, having a blog markets your business for you,

…which brings me to my last point about the value your blog brings.

5) Blogs are another employee! Only you don’t have to pay them; they pay you! Consider each post a part of your staff. The more consistent you are, the more business you’ll have. The more business you have, the more money you make. In other words, you can take a hike with your kids, sit in a chair getting your hair shampooed, or have a night out with friends, all the while making money from the blog you posted the week before. This is because consistent blogs keep your business popping up in search engines. We’ve talked about this in point #3. With each post, you are increasing the chance of your business getting noticed as it lets search engines know that you are active, present, consistent, and plan to keep your business long term! Business blogs like these attract high traffic. If you don’t stop, neither will the flow of new customers and clients! And, while you think your consistency will only get Google’s interest, the truth is that you get the attention of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media platforms. When it comes to a good business, clients won’t be greedy. They will share your content—and therefore, your business—with others on their social media accounts, giving you an even bigger platform than before. With a big platform, you will become a magnet to high traffic, which then turns into clients, which then turns into cash—all thanks to a consistent blog that has the potential to monetize posts from months ago.

I get it!

Life is busy enough, and owning your own business brings the demands over the top. But, while bringing your business into a blog seems to be the least of your concern, the truth is that it should become your biggest. Having a blog is one of the fastest ways to grow your business, along with keeping your website fresh, your social media accounts updated, and your profession credible. It’s a money-making machine that you can personalize yourself! So, even though your life and your business are demanding much more from you, making it harder to balance and keep up, consider these five points in deciding whether or not you should make a blog your stabilizer. It may be the last thing your business needs, and the first thing you need to move forward.