Summer Tips for MomeprenuersIf you work from home, like I did when my kids were younger, then you know that summer means little to zero chance of getting small projects done as quickly as when the kids were in school. Working from home with kids can be a wonderful gift, however, when deadlines need to be met, phone calls made and tasks completed, it can turn into a battle of emotions. There may be tears, frustration, possibly cursing and moments of feeling like a failure either as a business owner or as a mom.

The battle for balance was a challenge. My boys knew that if my office door was closed, then I was on the phone and to keep the volume down, however that doesn’t mean those embarrassing moments of talking to a client or potential client, wasn’t interrupted by screaming of who hit who first in the background as I rapidly looked for a physical space as far away from the noise to muffle it out, even finding myself in a closet at times. Oh the joy!

If this sounds just a little familiar to you, here are a few tips I found worked great!

  1. Start your day a little earlier. I would be sure to get up just a couple hours before my boys to work on the biggest project on my to do list for that day. I can tell you that there is nothing better than having that first cup of coffee in peace while the rest of the house is asleep.
  2. Only allow electronics while you are working. Trust me, when my boys were on their PlayStation or XBox, the house could burn down and they wouldn’t notice. It was a guarantee gap of quiet time for me to get work done.
  3. Trade play dates with another momepreneur.  If you have another mom who also works from home, or a circle of friends with children similar ages, plan days together to help each other out so that you can both work on those projects.
  4. Turn on the sprinkler. What is it about running through the sprinkler as a kid in the hot summer sun that is so much fun. Turn it on and work so that you can watch them as they play outdoors
  5. Work from the park  In a similar concept from above, if you are able to work from a picnic table in the park while your kids play, this is another great option. Pack a lunch, let them play, bring your hotspot and maybe when you’re done there, they will take a little nap from all of the fun and give you a little more time to finish that to do list
  6. Summer Camp  I remember being a new mom and thinking that summer camps were a way for moms to ditch their kids. I honestly struggled with the idea of this. I know. Some of you may think I’m crazy but there may be a couple that feel me on this. I signed my boys up for a short camp that was connected with their preschool program and found out that I was very wrong. They had a blast, played all day and couldn’t wait to share all of the cool things the did and new friends they made.

Working from home can be challenging with little ones. Some days it may be completely frustrating where the vision of running away is pretty real. However, it is a gift to you and your children to be able to do this. If you plan appropriately, the frustration is temporary  and the rewards abundant.

Do you have more tips? Share what works for you!

Happy Summer!