Are you ready to achieve greatness? If so, sit tight because Debrah Mowlem is joining me today on The Sassy Girl Entrepreneur Show!

Debrah had the most exciting childhood growing up in a small village in Zimbabwe, South Africa. She couldn’t help but question the unfairness she recognized in culture and religion. She would ask her elders what was there such a difference. The women were responsible for most of the jobs in the village, yet they accepted this situation.  Her elders would respond by telling her not to question so much, but I’m sure they had their hands full with Debrah. She wasn’t about to sit back and accept those norms herself.

After Debrah completed high school, she started selling agriculture at the local market. That business grew, and she employed over twenty people before moving to the United Kingdom. Her experiences led her to her true passion, writing, and she published her first of seven books in 2007.

In this episode, Debrah shares her perspective on life in South Africa, the obstacles she faced, and how she stood her ground to become the best version of herself and live in her passion. She is sharing five tips for women who want to achieve greatness with us today and hang tight for a bonus one at the end!

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