16 Must Have Free Business ToolsSmall business isn’t really small at all! In fact, small businesses are growing and being noticed.  If you’re a solopreneur, like myself, finding the best tools without breaking the bank, is a must. That’s why I’m sharing some of my favorite free tools to help run your business.

Google Analytics

You realized that you need a website and your goal is to drive traffic there. You love the way it looks and couldn’t be more excited about it. But who is visiting your site? How long are they staying? What are they looking at? This tool will answer all of those questions. It’s a little complex, but the  statistics and information it provides makes it valuable for SEO and marketing.


It still surprises me how many people are not on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a social website that is used mainly for business purposes and networking. On LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to build connections, share ideas, and follow groups that are tailored just for your industry. If you are not on LinkedIn, it’s time you became part of this community and start networking.

Google Drive

Google makes it hard for us to avoid them when they keep coming up with such great tools. Google Drive is a cloud storage for all of your files. This is great, but especially if you are on the go! All of your files are stored so that you can access them whether you are on your laptop, tablet or phone. I really love the templates they offer too,  if you need to create a form and are looking for a quick guideline, I mean, why recreate the wheel if someone already created it for you?!


Dropbox is also a way to save and share files on the cloud. It’s a tough comparison between Dropbox and Google Drive, both have similar capabilities and is just a matter of preference.


If you want a designing tool that is easy to use, Canva is for you! This site allows you to create designs for web or print.


You need a newsletter just like you need a website. Mailchimp offers you a way to design your newsletter and manage your subscribers. You can even add forms to your Facebook page to encourage newsletter sign ups. It’s easy to use, allowing you to create your own layouts or using one of their templates.


Looking for free photos that you are able to use can sometimes be a tough task. Flikr allows you too upload, organize, edit and share your images. It’s easy to search thousand of free images.

Color In Material Design

The psychology of color should always be considered when starting your business. What impression are you trying to make. The colors you select will provide that immediate feeling to your customer. Color psychology has always appealed to me which is why I love this tool so much. It provides you with the color pallets and tips on how to use them effectively.


If you’re a small business that has to track the time you spent on clients projects, then this is a great tool to use! Toggl is a free time tracker that is easy to use. You can create clients, projects, generate reports and more with the free version. It makes tracking your time a complete breeze.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting provides you with everything you need to run your business, from invoices, payments, accounting and even payroll. You’re able to customize your invoices, link to your PayPal or bank information for automated tracking and set up reminders to for unpaid invoices.


Social media is a must in today’s market, between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the list goes on, it can be overwhelming as a small business owner to manage all of these accounts. Hootsuite allows you to manage everything in one place while setting up posts to post automatically at a time you designate. *Instagram, however will send you a reminder to post and does not automatically post for you. Hopefully this will change!


#SmallBizchat is a weekly conversation on Twitter, where small business owners can come together to discuss questions that they may have and get answers. This group meets every Wednesday at 8PM EST.


Docracy is an open collection of legal contracts and documents that you can access. Not only does it provide you with a source of free legal documents, it also allows you to sign the documents as well!


I remember when I first launched my business and a businessman reached out to me to help mentor me. I was thrilled to have a resource like that. Score provides that resource to all entrepreneurs. Score provides you mentors that will help guide you if needed. The website alone, however, is a great source of information!


The U.S. Small Business Administration is a website that provides small businesses a wealth of information. Starting with is starting a business the right choice for you, to creating a business plan to financing. There are even courses you can take to help increase your knowledge and understanding of being a small business owner.


If you’re like me, you get a ton of emails. Unroll.me allows you to unsubscribe to those unnecessary emails all at once. When time is valuable, this is a great way to save so a lot of time.
The tools I mentioned above are free to use and there are so many more out there. Keep in mind, that most of the tools that I mentioned are able to be upgraded for a fee so that you can use even more of what that company has to offer.  Do you have a favorite free business tool?  I would love to hear about it!