Are you following the 6 rules of Social Media Etiquette?

Did you even know there were these so called rules? Well, there are, whether you are using your personal page or business page, it’s important to know these rules.

You may say that these rules really don’t apply to you, there’s freedom of speech and you can say what you want. If someone doesn’t like it, then then can unfriend or unfollow you! Right? I think we have all heard comments similar to that.

Here’s when it does matter…

  • You are the face of your business
  • You are using your personal page to network with professionals
  • Many of your posts represent the company you work for
  • You are sharing updates about your business with your friends/followers
  • If you are not Oprah, Ellen or a Kardashian and are not at the level where you can create your own rules…

If none of the above fit you, then feel free to move on. But…if at least one of these items fit you currently, you might want to make sure you know a little social media etiquette. It goes a long way…


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